Complaints Procedure

Gateway Building Control endeavour to provide the best possible service, however, if any person or party is dissatisfied with the Building Control service they receive they are be able to complain to the Company and have their complaint dealt with promptly, transparently, fairly and in a manner that can be independently audited.

We undertake that;

  • All formal complaints or comments will be thoroughly and fairly investigated
  • No party will be treated less favourably as a result of any comment or complaint received. 

The complaints procedure will follow the format provided below;

  1. The complainant can contact either Mike Edwards or Robert Donaghy as Directors of Gateway by writing, telephone or email.
  2. The Directors will assess all the facts and circumstances in relation to the complaint and provide a written response to the complainant within 5 working days of the complaint being received. In addition to the response, the complainant will be issued with a copy of Section 3 of 'Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors and Disciplinary Procedures' as provided by the Construction Industry Council of Approved Inspectors Register (CICAIR)
  3. The complainant, if they so choose, can then pursue the complaint by referring the matter to CICAIR (26 Store Street, London. WC1E 7BT).
  4. The Directors will endeavour to assist CICAIR in any investigation. The decision of the CICAIR shall be final and binding on all the parties involved.
  5. The complaints procedure doesn't prohibit the complainant following the procedure laid down by an individual's professional association, e.g. RICS or CABE, if necessary